Casa d'Alagoa

Faro Hostel

The Hostel

A traditional Portuguese town villa set in the beautiful and sunny town of Faro. The capital of the Algarve has much to offer and so do we.


This Villa, we usually just call it The House, is more than 2 centuries old and in 2011 has been renovated hands-on by the owners and friends. We opened our door that same year. Still, with some details of the renovation going, we managed to get much input from the guests that saw just how amazing this place could be. Just a few years after, it is hard to believe how the house was when we first started the renovation. The architecture of the place makes the atmosphere something quite unique. Between patios, terraces, stone stair cases with centenary tiles, and still you feel at home.


You gotta come here to Faro to check out our lovely home. So many of our guests extend their stay and we want to show you why.


Sunny Faro awaits your arrival and so does the Casa d’Alagoa.


See you soon.